Jun 15 2024


All times approximate
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

D-Day 80 Commemoration Stride to the Bridge

We have been asked as a club to be involved in the 10 miles D-Day 80 challenge to signify the 80 anniversary of the Second World War ‘D-Day’ landings on the 15th June.
As a team we need to cover 80 miles which is the distance from the Normady beaches to the Pegusus Bridge and the Cafe Gondre where our soldiers overcame Hitler’s army.  Sneyd Striders are entering a team of 8 to jog 10 miles each to make a collective 80 miles for the team.
We start from the Tesco Car Park in Brownhills (one of the five landing beaches), adjacent to the canal and jog the 10 miles along the Wyrley and Essington Canal to Lane Head Bridge (our Pegusus Bridge) in Short Heath and finihs up joining the celebrations at our Cafe Gondre at the United Kingdom Pub adjacent to Lane Head Bridge.     All teams are sponsored with funds raised going towards the planting of a new Remembrance Orchard of fruit trees on Coppice Farm estate and also the upkeep of the Short Heath Cenotaph.
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